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Weather forecasting is a combination of science and art. The first is the collection of information, measurements and data, the second is the art of interpretation.

Thus, having a wide range of sources of forecast information and interpretations is very helpful. It is similar to having second opinions from Doctors or Lawyers. has been conceived and compiled by Tim Desbois who has combined a life as a professional Pilot of both helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, with being the principal Aerial Co-ordinator at Flight Logistics - Film and TV aviation.

DISCLAIMER: has created this website to easily permit free access to a range of weather information . As all of the information displayed is obtained from external sources, the data may not necessarily be comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date. does not control any of the content of the weather site links, thus accepts no responsibility with regard to such problems incurred as a result of using data from this site or any of the linked external sites. Do not make important decisions based on information obtained from

To ensure data validity, either discuss your requirements with a suitably qualified professional such as a recognised accredited weather forecaster or take information from officially disseminated weather forecasts and /or warnings. MUST NOT be used for flight planning, navigational or any other risk critical operational purposes.